Welcome to The National Women’s Summit 2018

We welcome you to the National Women’s Summit, 2018 in Hyderabad, Telangana. India ranks 120th among 131 nations in women workforce, says World Bank report. It said the country had one of the lowest female participation in the workforce.This slow yet progressive involvement of women in the economic growth of the country by their rising numbers in the workforce is now propelling a paradigm shift in the society in general and with the Government in particular. Progressive and sustainable economic empowerment of women is now demanding higher legal, social, political and economic thought to truly empower women to be an equal and important participant of their own growth as well as the growth of the society.The insights and analysis presented in this conference will provide a critical cornerstone for deliberations and will further the process to refine the building blocks for an implementation framework to anchor the women’s development agenda for India.

Message From Our Honorable Prime Minister

Pragna Bharati and the National Women’s Summit team is honoured to receive Hon’ble Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modiji’s blessing. I personally was blessed to meet him and invite him to the Summit. The Summit is a result of Hon’ble PM’ vision of an India led by women.

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National Womens’s Summit – Program Schedule